PaquinPaquin is a planet orbiting the protostar Heinlein in Red Sun. It has a population of 175,000,000.

Known for its stunning sunrises and sunsets, Paquin is the artistic centre of the border planets region, with all manner of live entertainment thriving in opera houses, theatres, and other performing arts centres. Theatre and dance troupes established in Paquin’s heavily subsidized arts culture routinely tour through the Core, and many new plays and musicals debut there – it’s an artistic proving ground – before making theatrical runs through the central planets.

It seems like every other person on Paquin is trying to get their screenplay or script noticed.

Not all the entertainment is for the elite. Paquin also sports a number of carnivals and sideshows populated by aspiring actors and actresses who couldn’t make it in the world of legitimate theatre. Many a magic show or circus is used by grifters as cover for more nefarious activities. They don’t call Paquin the Gypsy Planet for nothing.

Paquin’s other distinguishing feature is its substantial planetary ring made of up shattered asteroid and lunar debris, shepherded by its moons. An independent asteroid mining operation is busy working the field.

Paquin has two moons: Shinbone and Clawthorn.

Locations of Note


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