OsirisOsiris is one of the Central Planets, seventh in orbit around the White Sun.

Home to nearly 4 billion people, Osiris is the centre of the Alliance’s judicial branch. The Alliance’s High Court is located on Osiris, as well as the headquarters of the system’s most prestigious law firms, and the University of Osiris, which boasts an excellent law school and MedAcad.

It is somewhat ironic that for all the concentration of judicial and law enforcement activity on the planet, it boasts some firmly entrenched urban criminal elements. Blackout zones are found in many cities.

The corporate offices of the Blue Sun Corporation are also located on Osiris, having moved from Sihnon into a massive urban structure that is at once a manufacturing complex, distribution centre, and private spacedock. Blue Sun has attracted a number of high-profile industrial conglomerates to Osiris who help fill out the megacorporation’s supply chain.

Landing on Osiris is somewhat restricted, like many of the Core planets.

Osiris has two moons: Epeuva and Tannhauser.

Locations of Note:


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