New Melbourne

New melbourneNew Melbourne is the second planet orbiting Red Sun. Its population is 27,000,000.

The planet was considered an important strategic target by both sides during the Unification War, and Independent forces were decisively driven offworld in May 2507.

Much of New Melbourne’s surface is covered in oceans, and its residents have capitalized on the abundance of water by establishing extensive fisheries and desalination operations. Fresh water is a hot commodity, and New Melbourne caviar is a delicacy prized by wealthy elites. The planet’s export culture requires a considerable amount of transportation infrastructure, and as such, New Melbourne is considered a popular layover point between the Core and Border. Fuel, consumables, and repair and maintenance services are offered at a level of quality unusual for a border planet.

New Melbourne is often the first stop for runaways from nearby Jiangyin.

New Melbourne has two moons: Maria and Destiny.

Locations of Note

New Melbourne

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