New Canaan

New canaanNew Canaan is the second planet orbiting Blue Sun.

Home to approximately 238,000 people, New Canaan is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a stop on the famous New Canaan Trade route, a profitable run favoured by midbulk transport captains the ’Verse over.

New Canaan is what’s known as a “sleeper” in terraforming circles. Its projected terraforming schedule turned out to be a tad optimistic, and the planet has been stuck on “stage 7” of the terraforming scale for decades longer than expected.

As a result of its ongoing atmospheric upheaval and geological instability, the planet is decades away from supporting full colonization. A large equatorial basin, a sort of stabilization zone, has been successfully terraformed, though it remains subject to violent storms.

Government on New Canaan is largely pro forma: the Alliance installed a regional governor and then promptly skedaddled as stationing troops in a small green zone surrounded by half-terraformed regions seemed a waste of resources. Most of the planet’s population is crammed into three cities – Baal, Ransom, and Nineveh – and most planetary monitoring operations have been completely automated, ensuring that New Canaan’s agonizingly slow terraforming process is duly logged with the Planetary Engineering Bureau.

The planetary governor prefers to spend most of his time at his retreat, where he consumes industrial quantities of New Canaan’s most famous export, its eponymous and expensive brandy.

Locations of note include New Cumberland, an Alliance military installation that became a town in its own right after the War, the city of Ransom, home to a sizable spaceport, and an Alliance Defense and Communication Facility located to the west of New Cumberland (although they don’t exactly encourage visitors).

New Canaan has two moons: Ugarit and Lilac.

Locations of Note

New Canaan

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