Mission Hill

Mission hillMission Hill is a small town on Blackwood. Prior to the SNS outbreak, it was home to about 200 people.

Mission Hill was founded as an agricultural missionary post by an order of Shepherds from nearby Muir with the intent of ministering to the needs of those under Magistrate Martinez’s employ. The town’s population boomed to nearly 1,000 people as the Shepherds built an abbey, a school, and a mill. A decade later, the Magistrate accused the brethren of fomenting revolution among the workers, revoked their charter and forced the mission to close. Most of the missionaries returned to Muir and the town’s population slowly ebbed away until only a few families remained. A lone Shepherd acts as caretaker for the disused mission, hoping to one day rebuild.

The nearby saltworks is the largest employer in town, and with it closed due to the SNS outbreak, there is little for the townspeople to do but wait for the sickness to blow over.

Locations of Note

Mission Hill

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