JiangyinJiangyin is the first planet orbiting Red Sun, and is the system’s capital. Its population is 1,400,000,000.

It bills itself as a “prairie paradise,” but despite its aspirations, it’s little more than a populous rim world. There are plenty of wide open spaces, to be sure, but those open spaces are as likely to contain fanatical hill folk as they are well-bred Alliance citizens. Jiangyin’s population is spread out in small towns that dot the landscape.

The planet’s main industries are cattle ranching, foresting, and subsistence farming.

Its people take a perverse sort of pride in the fact that their world wasn’t considered important enough for either the Alliance or the Independents to fight over. Jiangyin was untouched by the conflict.

The Alliance doesn’t bother to patrol it with anything approaching regularity, and its planetary government is a paper tiger with little real influence on the ground. Each town and village is left to fend for itself. This means that conditions can vary wildly from hamlet to hamlet. Some folk do all right. Others are so desperate they are forced to steal and kidnap just to keep breathing.

Jiangyin has three moons: Tongyi, Dangun, and Rhilidore.

Locations of Note


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