Interpol Interrogation Log C


  • DATE: September 16, 2517


CLOUET: I find these rooms to be so, how do you say, antiseptic, don’t you? By all means, light up! So, Wentworth Evans. You were a salvage worker on a ship named Ironmonger and graduated to ship’s mechanic on Shenmue, is that correct?

EVANS: Sounds about right.

CLOUET: Congratulations on your promotion. You know, your file here says you are a wee bit unpopular on your homeworld, Beylix. Can you tell me why that is?

EVANS: No. Well, kind of. Sort of. Long story but it’s a short story.

CLOUET: They often tend to be.

EVANS: Yeah, it’s the old he said, she said, and they don’t believe me, and then it goes from there and gets on the Cortex.

CLOUET: Well, I think I know what you mean. So let’s flash forward a little bit. Can you tell me of your wherabouts of August 22nd of this past year?

EVANS: August 22nd?

CLOUET: I realize it may be difficult to keep track of dates on a tramp freighter moving from place to place. Let me see if I can drill it down for you. Do you recall landing on Persephone around August 22nd of this year?

EVANS: To be honest I can’t remember. I know I’ve been there but I can’t remember when it was.

CLOUET: Okay. Do you happen to recall a time you landed on Persephone when you were involved in a violent shootout with the Sundeen Seven?

EVANS: The who?

CLOUET: The Sundeen Seven.

EVANS: I take it they’re some sort of gang?

CLOUET: You’re sure that you haven’t encountered these ruffians before.

EVANS: Uh, yeah, I’m drawing a blank. I love the Lord but I drink a little.

CLOUET: Let me see if I can jog your memory. On August 22nd, 2517, Shenmue docked on a landing berth in the Eavesdown Docks on Persephone. It is a matter of public record that a shootout took place in the Docks adjacent to the very same landing platform.

EVANS: Okay.

CLOUET: Persephone Traffic Control reported that a Firefly class transport, designation Shenmue, lifted off without clearance, and traveled through the official departure corridor in what I quote the traffic controller saying “in a supremely reckless manner.” Can you tell me what caused you to clear out of the Docks in such a hurry, Mr. Evans?

EVANS: We were probably late for a job, and the pilot, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and he doesn’t always dot his I’s and cross his T’s.

CLOUET: Yes I can see that from his file.

EVANS: So, in a panic, thinking about the bottom line he probably just buggered off, I’m pretty sure it’s not the first time it’s happened.

CLOUET: Well that still doesn’t necessarily square with the fact that there was a shootout involving a location adjacent, quite close in fact, some might say right in front of, the landing berth where Shenmue was parked. Are you saying you have no recollection of being involved in any sort of dust-up?

EVANS: I’m going to go with no.

CLOUET: So what were you doing on Persephone?

EVANS: Oh Lord, what were we doing? I can’t even remember.

CLOUET: So tell me, judging from the state of Shenmue’s interior, what is it that you actually do on board the ship?

EVANS: Well, we had a bit of an accident with some of the cargo –

CLOUET: Oh really?

EVANS: -that we were carrying which caused a fire, I guess you wouldn’t really call it a fire, but it was kind of like a fire, and we had some paneling fall off and knock me out which might explain my fuzzy memories. I can show you the scars.

CLOUET: It’s quite all right, Mr. Evans.

EVANS: So, with the massive damage caused by the mishap, and given that funds are tight, things look like kind of there’s not really anyone doing anything at the moment.

CLOUET: I see. You know, Mr. Evans, there are quite a few people back on Beylix who believe that you evaded justice by taking a deal to turn state’s evidence against your fellow members of the Beylix Ring. They feel that perhaps you should have joined your friends and family members on the Penal Moon, in fact, if new evidence were to be brought to light about your involvement in the breakup of that illegal smuggling and salvage ring, the planetary prosecutor might be willing to revisit the deal.

EVANS: Not sure I follow.

CLOUET: Pay close attention Mr. Evans. I can ensure that such evidence never sees the light of day, or I can ensure that that evidence does cross the prosecutor’s desk. Which course I take depends on whether or not you cooperate.

EVANS: Mmm-hmm. As far as I know, I am co-operating, but, if you want something other than what I’m telling you, I’m pretty sure you’re just going to do that, because I’m telling you what I know, and what I barely remember.

CLOUET: So tell me what you know, then, about the woman known as Wild Sky.

EVANS: Oh, tell me you have some information on her, ‘cause she’s a mysterious woman. Did you get in the box?

CLOUET: I’ll ask the questions here, Mr. Evans.

EVANS: I told you, we’ve been trying to get in there forever, and couldn’t do it. Just tell me, did you get in?

CLOUET: Mr. Evans, where is Wild Sky?

EVANS: She disappeared.

CLOUET: When did she disappear?

EVANS: It would have been on Persephone.

CLOUET: Really? Can you tell me the circumstances under which she disappeared?

EVANS: No, we just sent out a message on our comlinks that we had to go, get back to the ship, we waited and waited, she didn’t reply or responded, so we just left.

CLOUET: Was this before or after your shootout with the Sundeen Seven?

EVANS: Like I said, I do not remember a shootout with the Sundeen Seven.

CLOUET: That is interesting that you do not remember that, Mr. Evans.

EVANS: Like I said I had an accident. Now I’m not saying that I wasn’t there, I’m just saying I don’t remember. So if you can somehow put some concrete evidence that says I was there, who am I to argue, but seriously I don’t remember a shootout. So it kind of makes me vulnerable because you could pretty much say anything at this point and I couldn’t argue.

CLOUET: I see what you mean. Well, Mr. Evans, there was a lot of blood at the scene of the shootout, but no bodies. Does that jog your memory?

EVANS: Uh, nope.

CLOUET: How do you feel about firearms, Mr. Evans?

EVANS: Like condoms. Better to have one when you need one, than to not have one when you need it.

CLOUET: Do you favour one particular type of weapon over another?

EVANS: The bigger the better.

CLOUET: Does that hold true for handguns as well as long arms?

EVANS: I’d probably say yeah, that’s a general principle I like to follow. Except for women.

CLOUET: The less said about that, the better, trust me.

EVANS: Unless we’re talking about, you know…

CLOUET: Once again Mr. Evans you’ve crossed the line.

EVANS: That’s what she said.

CLOUET: Oh dear. Now, you know there was very little to go on at the scene of this shootout, if you weren’t there, that’s fine, however we did recover certain forensic and ballistic evidence. Bullets, as a matter of fact. Shells, that seemed to be fired from a weapon very much like a large caliber revolver we found on board Shenmue. In fact twin large caliber revolvers, I see you are true to what you have told me in terms of the type of firearms that you tend to use.

EVANS: Son of a bitch.

CLOUET: It’s a –

EVANS: That would explain why I got those so cheap.

CLOUET: So you are saying you picked up these firearms under the table?

EVANS: No actually, it was a pawn shop.

CLOUET: Now, Mr. Evans, a pawn shop, eh? Where was this pawn shop located?

EVANS: Well, there was a cantina beside it, in ports you know I hang out at the cantina but then, as I do have a bit of a fetish for weaponry, I had a look at it, and he was real nice and all, said ‘special deal today only,’ if I take these.

CLOUET: Do you happen to remember the name of the pawnshop?

EVANS: Nope. Like I said I don’t remember much beyond-

CLOUET: It seems to me that this is a familiar refrain from you and your crewmates. You really should start investing in some memory enhancements. I hear they are doing wonderful things with herbal remedies these days.

EVANS: I think it has to do with the nutrition.

CLOUET: Ah yes, I saw your meager supply of protein paste on board. Enjoying the finer things sometimes has some fringe benefits. But allow me to say something here Mr. Evans. If you memory happens to somehow improve, I would appreciate it if you could send me a wave.

EVANS: I will definitely call you. Last thing I need in my life is more trouble.

CLOUET: Mr. Evans, that is a truism that we should al hold dear to our hearts. So you say that Wild Sky departed, or did not return to your ship when you said it was time to go.

EVANS: Yeah, she said she had to go meet somebody.

CLOUET: Do you know why she would choose to leave her personal effects and her workshop on board your ship?

EVANS: No, but I can tell you that she didn’t really worry much about spending. She was pretty…I remember she had these boxes that she dropped off somewhere, I can’t remember the name of the planet, but she issued a challenge to one of my crew to see if they could get into it. She was very confident that her storage containers were impenetrable and he gave up.

CLOUET: That would be Mr. Rothsay?

EVANS: Sure. She never really worried about spending money and was confident in her stuff, so if she buggered off, I figure she’d know how to find it again, or find us, or…

CLOUET: If that’s the case Mr. Evans, if she does happen to find you again, please give me a call. I would really appreciate it.

EVANS: She in some kind of trouble?

CLOUET: That is not really for me to say.

EVANS: I’m going to go with yes on that one.

CLOUET: From the state of her quarters on ship – crew quarters, I’ll venture to mention – it seems to me that someone on board turned the place over and tossed it a little bit.

EVANS: Oh yeah, that would be me.

CLOUET: I understand. So perhaps from your understanding of what you saw in her room, you might hazard a guess as to why we might be interested in her wherabouts.

EVANS: Well I could hazard a guess, but that would be dangerous. Hazard, get it?

CLOUET: Yes, I see what you did there. You must be the funny one.

EVANS: Well, some people call it charm.

CLOUET: Just remember what I said, Mr. Evans.

EVANS: About?

CLOUET: About your two possible futures, one as a ship’s mechanic, the other as an inmate on the Penal Moon.



EVANS: When?

CLOUET: Just now.


CLOUET: Because there are those on Beylix who would like to see you go away for a long time because of what you did.

EVANS: That’s crazy talk.

CLOUET: No, I think crazy talk is what I am involved in right now Mr. Evans. Have a nice day.

EVANS: Can I go back to my ship?

CLOUET: You leave that to me, Mr. Evans.


Interpol Interrogation Log C

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