Interpol Interrogation Log B


  • DATE: September 16, 2517


CLOUET: I do find these rooms so, how do you say, antiseptic, don’t you? No, no, you take those. I believe they are self-lighting.

CLOUET: Mr. Rothsay, is it?

ROTHSAY: That’s it.

COUET: Not much to go on here is there, but what else could be expected of a Shenzhou Colonist born Vesselside, with no Social Control Number or other official record of birth. Tell me Mr. Rothsay do you have any trouble securing bank loans or finding steady employment perhaps?

ROTHSAY: Yeah actually this would be the first over the table job I’ve ever had.

CLOUET: Yes I was going to say, I have you listed as working as occasional dockside labour at a dozen spaceports over a period of three years. Of course, paid in cash, no fixed address, no health benefits. It also says here that you were picked up in a security sweep on board a fueling station back in March of this year.


CLOUET: And interestingly it doesn’t say when and how you were released. Regardless, I see that you have managed to stay out of trouble for nearly half a year. And congratulations, because that’s more than many of your fellow Colonists can say, isn’t that true.

ROTHSAY: I’m proud to say I’ve broken the mold.

CLOUET: Excellent. I guess congratulations are also in order for another victory.

ROTHSAY: I’m not quite sure what victory you’re referring to my friend.

CLOUET: I’m of course referring to the eradication of the Sundeen Seven.

ROTHSAY: You know, there’s been scuttlebutt, and I’m not one to truck or do business in rumours. But you’re confirming that they’ve indeed passed away?

CLOUET: You know, I can do better than that. I can turn these rumours into reality. Watch. Watch as I go. On August 22nd of this year, Shenmue, a name that should be familiar to you, docked at a landing berth in the Eavesdown Docks on Persephone.

ROTHSAY: Mmm-hmm.

CLOUET: This is a matter of public record. It is also a matter of public record that a shootout took place in the docks adjacent to the very same landing platform. Can you dispute that?

ROTHSAY: You know, we left around the same time as the shootout. Do you suppose the Sundeen Seven were looking for us, and ran afoul moments before?

CLOUET: That is one theory I’m sure you can imagine. Of course the other theory, the one that jives with Shenmue’s reaction as it attempted to leave the Eavesdown Docks is of course that members of your crew entered into some sort of confrontation on a busy public thoroughfare. Tell me because I’m interested, did everybody on board survive? Your ship I mean.

ROTHSAY: I’m not quite sure. In an unrelated note to this shootout, there is a crewmember who has gone missing, but I’m sure she’s on vacation. We figured this was her way of resignation. She left at the same time.

CLOUET: And this would be? Her name?

ROTHSAY: I’m not bullshitting you here when I say I didn’t know her name.

CLOUET: All right. Did you know the name she was traveling under?

ROTHSAY: Wild Child, or something like that.

CLOUET: Wild Sky, perhaps?

ROTHSAY: Well, this is why you’re the detective, isn’t it?

CLOUET: So you’re saying she took off.

ROTHSAY: That’s right.

CLOUET: But she was with you up until…

ROTHSAY: Now that you mention it, it was roughly right up until the Eavesdown Docks.

CLOUET: Tell me, can you, and I can’t believe I’m giving you the opportunity, but please tell me why you think that she would have left, while leaving clothes, personal items, and more to the point, her workshop module on board.

ROTHSAY: I wish you could have met her because her motives were so utterly impenetrable, I’m afraid my best guess would be pure conjecture.

CLOUET: You don’t want to hazard a guess?

ROTHSAY: It could be all the sexual harassment she received as a female member of an all male crew.

CLOUET: Are you habitually in the art of self-incrimination, Mr. Rothsay?

ROTHSAY: Sexual harassment is a matter for the local courts, not so much a federal concern.

CLOUET: Well, you know, I’m not necessarily concerned with who she is, I am more concerned, and I think you should be more concerned, with where she is.

ROTHSAY: I’m not going to lie to you, I haven’t really given it much thought. She and I weren’t exactly on the best of terms.

CLOUET: I can’t imagine why. You know Mr. Rothsay, the Shenzhou Colonists are not held in very high regard in most circles. So many of them lack even the most basic personal identification so that they could very easily slip through the cracks of our benevolent regime.

ROTHSAY: Are you aware that we’ve actually attempted to reintegrate at times and the Alliance has proven more of a roadblock than an asset?

CLOUET: Is that so?

ROTHSAY: At the core of it, we just want to be accepted like everyone else and I can’t tell you how heartbreaking it is, day in and day out, no jobs, no support, you know we can’t even rent apartments for the most part?

CLOUET: I am peripherally of course aware of the so-called plight of the Shenzhou Colonists.

ROTHSAY: So you can appreciate when you refer to how difficult it is dealing with the Shenzhou. Try being one.

CLOUET: I understand. It is very unfortunate to be so easily denied the basic human rights afforded to all citizens of the Alliance, I agree. Just for want of documentation, or for want of accepting, you know, the proper behaviour, you know, settling down, having careers, you know. Basically in your situation what it comes down to from my perspective, and I think this is a grave injustice of history, but hypothetically speaking, if I were to, say, recommend that you would be transferred immediately to the Penal Moon, you would be transferred, and no record of your sentence or the crimes for which you have been accused, or indeed even your release date would have to be filed anywhere. You would, unfortunately, because of the way our system works, fall through the cracks, never to be missed, and no human rights ombudsman be any the wiser. I don’t think you want that, do you Jonah?

ROTHSAY: No, no I can’t say that I do.

CLOUET: So on a completely unrelated note, where do you think Wild Sky has gone?

ROTHSAY: If I knew, if I could take a guess, I would tell you. Feel free to go through her stuff; we don’t even know her gorram name, that’s how private she was. So whatever you’d like to go through, by all means, I’ll add whatever context and perspective I can if you need any clarification for the things you find.

CLOUET: I will keep that in mind Mr. Rothsay and you should keep in mind what I said as well. Certainly if anything comes to mind, I am one Cortex call away.

ROTHSAY: Why is an Interpol inspector investigating a shootout amongst a bunch of thugs at a spaceport? Seems a bit heavy, don’t you think? Business for the local sheriffs and all that?

CLOUET: You know, from the state of Miss Wild Sky’s quarters, I am left with the inevitable conclusion that you or your companions may have tossed the place at least once. Why do you think we would be involved? I think we both know the answer to that.

ROTHSAY: Fair enough.

CLOUET: So as I said, if anything comes to mind, I would be quite interested in picking your brain.

ROTHSAY: Inspector, if I were to come across any information, as a decent human being-

CLOUET: I note that you didn’t say citizen.

ROTHSAY: -I’d be wracked with guilt over the possibility of turning someone in to the authorities who was unjustly accused. Of course, like any person we all want justice seen whether we’re a part of the system or outside of it. Can you alleviate any of that guilt I might feel? What is she wanted for? What terrible thing has she done that she’s got all this attention?

CLOUET: Why do you assume that Alliance attention has such a negative connotation?

ROTHSAY: Personal experience.

CLOUET Well Mr. Rothsay, in my personal experience, when Interpol becomes aware that a crime of a certain nature, which may or may not cross planetary lines, has taken place, we must diligently investigate.

ROTHSAY: And that’s your story?

CLOUET: I’d be more concerned about the stories told to me by your crewmates.


Interpol Interrogation Log B

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