Interpol Interrogation Log A


  • DATE: September 16, 2517


TULSA: Do you mind if I make a phone call?

CLOUET: By all means, go ahead. Please feel free to use the communicator at your convenience, as I only have a few questions I would like to ask.

TULSA: Have I met you somewhere before?

CLOUET: Perhaps it would be best if I were to ask the questions first, and then we’ll switch when I’m satisfied.

TULSA: Very well then, ask your questions. Keep in mind that I’ve been in this room quite a long time and may not feel up to anything too strenuous.

CLOUET: I do not wish to put you out. Let’s start with something easy. Your name is Tulsa, correct?

TULSA: Horatio Tulsa, yes.

CLOUET: You are a ship’s doctor, signed on to a vessel name Ironmonger until about six months ago when you showed up listed as ships medic on Shenmue along with two of your crewmates from Ironmonger. Does that ring any bells?

TULSA: It’s a little bit hazy, but yeah.

CLOUET: Yes I get the sense, doctor that you are a bit of a blank slate as the saying goes. Would you care to fill in any of the blanks that might exist in my ever-expanding personnel file I have in front of me.

TULSA: Well that’s the thing, you see. I mean, the way things are going these days, aren’t we all a bit of a blank slate?

CLOUET: Yes, it’s true, it’s true. Well, I have some more specific gaps if you wish, I can elucidate and you can fill in some the answers.

TULSA: All right.

CLOUET: So you have been on board Shenmue for some time.


CLOUET: And you were aboard Shenmue on the date of August 22 of this year, on the planet Persephone.


CLOUET: And on that day, according to several witnesses, a rather violent confrontation took place outside of the landing pad Shenmue was occupying. Do you remember anything about that?

TULSA: You’ll forgive me, I have a medical condition and I’m afraid I have no recollection of these events.

CLOUET: Ah. Hmm. Well it may interest you to know that at the site of that confrontation that we found a lot of blood at the scene but no bodies. Do you know anything about that?

TULSA: I would really love to help you but I’m afraid I have no recollection of these events.

CLOUET: I understand. Very well. Speaking of recollections. You studied at an Alliance medical academy?

TULSA: Absolutely.

CLOUET: Absolutely, yes. And you graduated…

TULSA: Top of my class.

CLOUET: Now, let’s be honest, top five per cent. But quite well. And seeing as you did your internship and residency at an affiliated institution, and why would you end up as a medic on board not one but two tramp freighter and rogue salvage craft? I don’t see the connection between your upward trajectory as a student and young doctor, and suddenly to be out there on the edge.

TULSA: As I said I’m unfortunate enough to have been inflicted by a condition which makes it difficult for me to maintain my professional career, as it was. I still do a little bit of work from time to time, but I’ve been unable to keep up my professional commitments at the level that I was previously.

CLOUET: Let’s talk about your career for a moment. You’re still able to practice medicine yes?

TULSA: In a limited capacity.

CLOUET: In a limited capacity, yes. And yet you are still holding an Alliance medical license?

TULSA: I believe it has lapsed.

CLOUET: Oh. Well you know, doctor, the Alliance tends to deal quite harshly with rogue medical professionals who attempt to practice without the assent of the Medical Elect. It would be a shame if I were to have to bring you up on charges that could see you blacklisted or condemned to a far worse punishment. Professional misconduct, perhaps.

TULSA: Nothing I have done in my present capacity would justify that sort of…I’m mostly dealing in herbals these days. No illicit surgeries or anything.

CLOUET: I appreciate your candor. Let’s circle back around and talk about your crewmates aboard Shenmue. My understanding before I arrived on the Ericson is that your ship has been searched from stem to stern, and there was at least one set of crew quarters that appears to have been occupied by a person that does not show up as a member of your crew or on a passenger manifest or anything of the sort. So you appear to be missing a member of your crew.

TULSA: Well we were carrying a passenger previously, but that passenger disembarked at our last stop. I understand that when we acquired this ship, there was another crewmember on board, but again, I’m hazy on those details myself.

CLOUET: Does the name Wild Sky ring a bell?

TULSA: I’ve heard it mentioned, but I don’t think I’ve met that person personally, I don’t think. Maybe.

CLOUET: Well, then, so she was not on board…

TULSA: I didn’t say she was on board, but if she was, I have no recollection. Like I said, it’s been making my life a living hell for these past few years.

CLOUET: You should really get that looked at Doctor.

TULSA: I’ve talked to the best.

CLOUET: I’m sure you have. Let me put it to you this way. I am interested in finding out where Wild Sky has gotten off to, and in the event that you happen to hear something about her location, I would be very grateful if you would perhaps drop me a line.

TULSA: This woman, is she dangerous?

CLOUET: I’m not sure dangerous is the word that I would use. But I do want you to think about what I said, and I would appreciate it if your conscience would help you to do the right thing in this situation. Or else you know what I said earlier about the Alliance dealing with rogue doctors might become more reality than rhetoric, if you get my meaning.

TULSA: I think your meaning is clear. I would love to be a help, but I’m afraid I can’t help you out.

CLOUET: Very well doctor, very well doctor. It has been a pleasure to finally put a face to the name. And if you’re not going to make a call, may I have my communicator back?

TULSA: Fine. If I’m free to go, as much as one can be.

CLOUET: I’ll get back to you on that.


TULSA: They are civilized.

Interpol Interrogation Log A

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