Hospitality District 15

District 15Hospitality District 15 is a sprawling high-density “entertainment enclave” community with a long history of catering to Alliance servicemen and women.

The consolidation of military R&R facilities into localized districts was an idea first endorsed by Santo’s planetary government as a way of mollifying concerns among the upper classes that their pristine beaches and private resorts would be commandeered by the military during the war. The hope was that by concentrating hospitality services near Alliance military installations, servicemen and women would not disrupt the recreational pursuits of the gentry.

District 15 was one of the most outlying of these areas, located near a stretch of beach.

When the Unification War broke out, the Independents began targeting the hospitality districts, bombing nightclubs, engaging in drive-by shootings, and otherwise hitting the Alliance where they hurt. The Alliance responded by consolidating the entertainment offerings into protected districts with checkpoints, patrols, and a thick wall. Business continued as usual.

During the Unification War, District 15 was known by a number of unsavoury nicknames, but none of them stuck, and at the close of hostilities the locals retained the official designation. Despite the lack of imagination in its naming convention, the collection of officer’s clubs, beer halls for the enlisted men, whorehouses and seaside cabanas proved incredibly popular with Alliance troops on leave from the front lines on Santo and in neighbouring operating theatres.

After the war, many of the hospitality districts closed down or were gentrified, but District 15 continued its operations, serving the occupying forces and the planetside militia as they mopped up resistance and pacified the locals. Many Alliance veterans still flock to the District, as its Unification Day celebrations are the stuff of legend.

Still ringed by the protective barrier, District 15 has a high-density urban core of whorehouses, casinos, and nightclubs. Further out from the downtown area, hotels and cabanas give way to the beachfront area, which is one big party zone.

Locations of Note

Hospitality District 15

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