HighgateHighgate is the fifth planet orbiting Blue Sun. Its population is 2,750,000.

The planet is known for its large bamboo plantations, cultivated by the wealthy Stratton family. A sizeable percentage of the planet’s population till the bamboo forests as indentured workers.

The Stratton family owns a vast network of extensive plantations, cargo transfer stations and vast tracts of wild growth bamboo forest. Stratton holds court in a gaudy mansion in Stratton City.

Recently, the discovery of large iron deposits has brought the planet to the attention of certain outside interests. Baron Stratton granted a number of independent mining outfits rights to exploit their claims, in return for part ownership in the operation and reassurances that the mining operations will be done in an environmentally-friendly fashion, but true to form, the Corone Mining Consortium has started sniffing around as well.

Highgate has two moons, Stonewall and Perth.

Locations of Note


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