Heaven Beach

Heaven beachLocated several hundred kilometres north of the glittering neon pleasure domes of Santo City, far from its hospitality districts and after-hours dive bars, is Heaven Beach, a seaside resort town that is a snapshot of antebellum Santo in its prime – a genteel playground for aristocratic distraction-seekers.

Heaven beach beachIts beaches are indeed heavenly – long stretches of graded white sand offering views of the stunning sunsets over the ocean.

The town occupies space between the beaches and a long escarpment, the face of which has long disappeared behind tier after tier of luxury condominiums honeycombed into the cliffside. Each unit is constructed in such a way as to offer an unobstructed view of the ocean while keeping neighbouring units out of the sight line.

The town is laid out along a boardwalk that snakes along the beach, with tea houses, boutique hotels, and gift shops catering to the wealthy tourists who vacation there. There is very little vehicular traffic; rickshaw runners turn a brisk trade ferrying wealthy tourists from their hillside condos or hotel suites to the monorail station for high-speed casino junkets in Santo City, or to the extensive network of docks where expensive yachts are kept waiting for the odd three-hour tour.
Heaven beach
Heaven Beach is known for its irregular, though impressive, Chinese firework displays, which can occur almost anytime. First-time visitors to the resort might mistake the firework launchers, dotting rooftops and lifeguard towers alike as some kind of anti-aircraft defence system.

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Heaven Beach

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