Government House

Government houseGovernment House is a shabby structure that began life as Magistrate Martinez’s private residence before he decided to drain a large chunk of the moon’s treasury to construct a larger mansion across the street.

Nowadays, Government House is the primary legislative and bureaucratic hub on Blackwood. This isn’t saying much, as Blackwood’s governance begins and ends with one man – Magistrate Martinez. Still, the laws dreamed up by Martinez have to be codified and enforced, and those fortunate enough to receive the Magistrate’s patronage have to work somewhere. The building is awash in bylaw enforcement agents, paper-pushers, yes men, and other hangers-on in the Magistrate’s regime. Rubber stamps get used quite frequently.

The House is also home to the Magistrate’s security force. Salazar Cain has the corner office.

Magistrate Martinez still holds the lease to Government House. The rent ain’t cheap.

Government House

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