GongheGonghe is a Central Planet, the fifth orbiting White Sun. Its population is 2,550,000,000.

Of the Chinese dominated worlds in the ‘Verse, including Sihnon, Di Yu, and Liann Jiun, Gonghe is recognized as the hub of Chinese language entertainment. Ever since Ruby Phoenix Multimedia began shooting its blockbuster features planetside, making use of Gonghe’s varied terrain, the entertainment industry has dominated the planet’s economy, with more than fifty per cent of Gonghe’s urban population working to support a vast array of production studios.

Originally intended to support the Core’s agricultural needs, Gonghe’s farmlands are now either abandoned, sold to private agricorps, or serve as backdrops for lavish multimedia dramas, historical or otherwise. Those rice paddies and pastures that are still tended by stubborn farmers turn a mild profit, but the real money is to be made in show business, if you believe the tabloids.

Gonghe is also home to the grandest Chinese New Year celebrations in the ’Verse, though the people of Sihnon would disagree. The lavish displays, including operas, fireworks, parades, block parties, and street fairs attract tourists from the farthest reaches of the system.

Gonghe has one moon, Xing Yun.

Locations of Note


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