Located in Paquin’s southern hemisphere is the bustling town of Ginseng. With more than 9,000 residents, Ginseng is the largest settlement for miles around.

The town is named after the herb grown by most of its citizens (Tartar Root and Panax were both considered as alternate town names, but were voted down by the founders). The region produces some of the best ginseng in the ’Verse, and the town of Ginseng is the central harvesting, processing, and export hub. It is a full-on agricultural boomtown, its population growing at a faster rate than almost anywhere else in the world.

Maple syrup production runs a distant second to ginseng cultivation, but is still a strong part of the region’s economy as well.

The town boasts dozens of permanent buildings, paved roads, and amenities such as an effective sewage system and clean water. Given its location in Paquin’s back country, these are major selling points.


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