Federal Astronautics Administration

The Federal Astronautics Administration is an Alliance agency that governs civilian air and space traffic in the known ’Verse.

Its specific duties include regulating commercial space transportation, both interplanetary and intersystem, enforcing spaceworthiness standards, certifying captain and pilot flight licenses, accrediting private and public flight schools, operating air and space traffic control systems at key transport hubs (and contracting out the rest), and oversight of the use of landlock technology.

The FAA also conducts investigations into civilian and commercial spaceflight disasters.

The agency’s main subordinate, the Federal Aerospace Authority, is an atrophied and underfunded arm that regulates civilian air traffic and aviation safety much in the same way as its distant relative on Earth-That-Was. However, spacecraft, even when flying in a planet’s atmosphere, are the jurisdiction of the Astronautics Administration, and hover vehicles are the purview of local ground traffic control bodies, so the aerospace authority has little to do but track the odd luxury aircraft or kit-built hovering curiousity.

Federal Astronautics Administration

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