EzraEzra is the first planet orbiting Georgia. Its population is 200,000,000.

Farming and ranching are the most common pursuits on Ezra. Or at least they were until recently.

The sudden death of the planet’s governor near the end of the Unification War threw the generally peaceful planet into chaos. The planet’s beleaguered lieutenant-governor was unable to cope with the fallout from his superior’s demise, which was blamed on either the Alliance or the Independent Faction depending on which screamsheet one subscribed to, combined with the influx of thousands of refugees and war veterans from both sides of the conflict, a lack of employment opportunities, and the collapse of the planet’s economy. Even the weather decided not to co-operate, with dustbowl conditions wiping out the crops and wealth of thousands of farmers.

The government’s hold on the planet slipped completely when it was announced that the treasury was empty and that all pensioners, veterans, government employees, and law enforcement personnel would have to accept scrip instead of hard currency come the next payday. If the government owed you a tax refund, that was tough – a bond would have to do. Municipalities found themselves without the money to keep the lights on and the water flowing.

The citizenry did not take this well. There were riots. There were wildfires. Crops rotted in the field as terrorized farmers shot at bandits from their rooftops. The private contractors lit out for greener pastures, the honest lawmen who remained were overwhelmed, and into that power vacuum stepped Adelei Niska.

The rest, as they say, is history. Criminals from all over the ’Verse have converged on Ezra, where these days the law of the gun is absolute.

Ezra has one moon, Herschel.

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