The scarred surface of Epitaph, a dead and forgotten worldEpitaph is a blackrock that was delisted from the Alliance’s planetary registry following the Unification War.

After terraforming, the planet was lightly populated by miners intent on recovering its vast stores of iridium, but the Unification War put an end to widespread settlement. Both the Alliance and the Independent Faction sent ground troops, supported by air tanks and heavy artillery, to secure the resource-rich regions and deny their use to the enemy. Thousands of proximity, sleeper and seeker mines were scattered in orbit to deter any large-scale invasion from space.

Epitaph was the scene of heavy fighting during the war. It is rumoured that one side in the fighting resorted to a destructive scorched-earth campaign that left the planet for the most part unlivable, but no one can agree on who is at fault.

After the war, the planet and its near orbit were declared no-go zones by the Alliance. The large number of mines constitute a major navigational hazard, and no one has yet cleaned up the space surrounding this isolated, dead world.

Epitaph is also known among the the spacer community as the source of eerie “ghost transmissions” on low-power radio frequencies that are sometimes intercepted by passing starships. It is assumed that the signals are Unification War-era communications stuck in a transmission loop, but nobody knows for sure.

Locations of Note


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