DukkhaDukkha is a dwarf planet located in the White Sun cluster. The 14th celestial body from its primary, Dukkha is one of the few objects in the White Sun’s Halo belt large enough to have its own gravity without the assistance of terraformers. Its surface is pockmarked with impact craters large and small – war wounds from its repeated passage through the Halo belt.

Dukkha’s thin atmosphere makes breathing without an oxygen mask a mite difficult, but it is possible to move about the moon without a full pressure suit. It’s not advisable, mind you – temperatures tend to drop rapidly at nightfall.

Dukkha is currently in the throes of a diamond rush. The recent find of a sizeable deposit of high grade carbonado diamonds has attracted prospectors, fortune-seekers, and those who prey on them from far and wide.

Dukkha has three satellites of its own: Samudaya, Nirodha, and Magga.

Locations of Note


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