Desolation Bay

Desolation bayDesolation Bay is the southernmost settlement on Branson’s Mark’s arctic continent. It is also the largest community on the moon, made up of refugees from the more temperate climates that are now wracked by continuous storm systems.

Desolation Bay, like the Cap, was established as an evacuation staging area during the chaos of the Unification War. With Shadow destroyed, thousands of refugees arrived on Branson’s Mark only to find a steadily worsening environment that made vast reaches of the moon very dangerous for permanent settlements. The northern region of the moon was spared the worst of the meteorological mayhem, though its colder average temperatures made it less hospitable than most would have hoped. Thus the refugee camps became way-stations for a population on the move, hitching a ride on any available transport offworld.

A few holdouts stayed behind, turning the Quonset huts and barracks into permanent dwellings. Today, Desolation Bay is home to nearly 400 people, a third of the moon’s total population. Most of its residents are fishermen who ply their trade off the coast, harvesting cod and crab, while being careful not to stray too far south, where the ocean grows a mite unforgivable.

The settlement has crude landing facilities and a medical centre.

Desolation Bay

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