Desdemona is a luxury space yacht owned by Baron Otello.


  • Dimensions – 200×130×60
  • Tonnage – 2,600 tons
  • Speed Class – 8/10 hard burn
  • Crew Quarters – 1 plush Captain’s quarters, 3 double cabins, 1 triple cabin, 1 single cabin
  • Passenger Quarters – 5 VIP cabins, 2 single cabins
  • Fuel Capacity – 50 tons/400 hours cruise endurance
  • Cargo Capacity/Maximum Deck Load – 100/220 tons

AGI – d10 STR – d6 VIT – d10 ALE – d8 INT – d10 WIL – d10

Initiative – d10 + d8

Life Points – 16

Traits – Allure (minor), Memorable (minor), Nimble – The Black (minor), Gas Guzzler (minor)

Skills – Pilot: Aerial Transport d6, Perception d6, Covert d6, Heavy Weapons d6

Armor – 3W/3S


  • 1 40-ton luxury runabout
  • Swimming pool
  • Entertainment suite

Complexity – Extreme (x4.5)

Annual Maintenance Costs -

Price – If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Desdemona is a Quicksilver-class luxury cruiser and is equipped with a swimming pool, an entertainment suite that includes a casino, bar, and dancefloor, a luxury runabout, and spacious guest quarters. Its hull plating is coated with a reflective metallic finish, giving the streamlined vessel a the appearance of liquid in motion.

The flight crew is made up of a Captain, pilot, communications officer, two engineers, and a general space hand, with a hospitality crew consisting of a Chief Steward and three flight attendants dedicated to the comfort of the yacht’s passengers.


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