Core World Regulations

“We don’t even have to go someplace fancy. We can just go to the park or something. Feed the pigeons.”

“Sure. Feed the pigeons. Probably get the firing squad for littering.”

“Come on, it’s not that bad.”

“It is. It’s a Core planet, it’s spotless. It’s got sensors, and where there ain’t sensors, there’s feds. All central planets are the same.”

- Conversation overheard aboard Serenity

Things were definitely more peaceful among the Central Planets, but that peace was bought at a price. Nothing resembling totalitarianism, but a certain regulation of existence that would not sit well with some.

- A Brief History of the Universe, circa 2507 A.D.

The Central Planets – Ariel, Bernadette, Londinium, Osiris, Sihnon, and the like – all share a certain degree of uniformity when it comes to rules and regulations. After all, they are the heart of the Alliance, its seat of government, commerce, and justice. So there are more than a few things that those visiting the Core need to remember lest they wind up bound by law.

The Alliance: A Surveillance Society




Gun Control


Core World Regulations

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