Chi'ang Shih's Mantis

A Mantis-class evac and resupply ship

Agi – d10 Str – d6 Vit – d8 Ale – d6 Int – d6 Wil – d6

  • Initiative: d10 + d16
  • Life Points: 12
  • Dimensions: 160Lx190Bx52H.
  • Tonnage: 1,600
  • Speed Class: 5 cruise / 8 Hard burn.
  • Crew Quarters: 11 total, 5 Dinky twin bunk cabins, 1 larger single cabin
  • Fuel Capacity: 80 tons/960 hours
  • Cargo Capacity: 300 tons

Traits: Memorable (minor), Cortex Spectre, Fast Throttle (minor), Poor Flier (atmosphere), Loved

Skills: Mechanical Engineering d4, Perception d4, Pilot d4


The Chi’ang Shih mercenary organization fields a surplus Mantis-class evacuation and resupply vessel. The ship broadcasts no transponder signal or pulse beacon. Its weapons load-out, if any, is unknown.

Chi'ang Shih's Mantis

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