BorosBoros is the third planet orbiting Georgia. Its population is 550,000,000.

Boros may be one of the only planets in the ‘Verse to be overshadowed by one of its satellites. Ares, the first moon on Boros, is home to the Iskellian Corporation’s largest military shipyards, and visitors to Boros are often treated to the sight of up to five gargantuan Alliance cruisers under construction in the moon’s orbital dockyard. They say Ares is locked up tighter than a cow’s hind end in fly season, and they’re not far off – a battalion of Alliance infantry is stationed on Ares, as the moon is a magnet for terrorist attacks and corporate espionage.

This leaves Boros as a place where many residents’ attention is focused skyward on the action going on in orbit. The Alliance presence on Boros is more pronounced than normal for a Border Planet out this far from the core, with moon-based troops rotating out on furlough, bureaucrats pushing paper, and a government agent in every shadow, just watching. There is a sizeable corporate presence on Boros as well. Tech companies, often lacking the pedigree of megacorps like Iskellian, constantly prowl for the scraps of Alliance contracts, and Unified Reclamation does a brisk trade thanks to the primary industry on this otherwise prairie-draped planet – scrap metal.

With one of the biggest shipyards in the ‘Verse sprawled on and around its first moon, Boros quickly became a dumping ground for spare parts that didn’t meet the Alliance’s strict standards for use in their warships. A virtual pipeline of damaged parts, excess inventory, scrap, castoff, and plain old junk runs from Ares to Boros, where Unified Reclamation licensing locals to pick over the bones. Boros has developed a reputation as a place to go to find parts for just about anything, and often at a fair price.

Stiff import duties keep many of Boros’ population employed in manufacturing, producing goods for local markets. There are also several wealthy ranching and farming families entrenched on Boros, providing the foundation for a local aristocracy that, while not as developed as Persephone’s, still results in the import of a whole lot of stuffed shirts and hoop skirts.

During the Unification War, Boros’s allegiance was shaky enough that the arrival in February 2507 of an Alliance expeditionary force led by General Yu Kwan was couched as a “recapturing.” The Alliance force would suffer 13,000 casualties in an Independent surprise attack in April 2507, a rare blight on Yu’s record.

Boros has two moons: the aforementioned Ares and Turrent’s Moon.

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