BlackwoodBlackwood is the second moon on Fury, a gas giant orbiting Blue Sun. Its population is 47,850.

Its most habitable regions are dotted with endless saltwater marshes full of herbs, rushes, sedges, razorgrass and mangroves. Commercial salt harvesting is the moon’s largest industry, followed by herb cultivation and spice production.

Blackwood is governed by Magistrate Adalberto Martinez, a man unconcerned with such trivial matters as the rule of law, workplace safety, and the public good. Martinez and his family run Blackwood with iron fists, even though those fists are inside fashionable silk gloves.

Much of the moon is currently under quarantine due to an outbreak of Systemic Necrotizing Sclerosis, or SNS for short, known colloquially as ‘Blister Rot.’

Locations of Note


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