Blackwell Security

Blackwell Security is a private firm that offers personal security, narcotics interdiction, and military training services.

Blackwell is one of many companies contracted by the Alliance to enforce the law (some might say the peace) on outlying planets. It operates on Greenleaf, doing search and seizure operations, and on Beaumonde, doing personal security for wealthy VIPs.

Its employees wear fatigues in several shades of blue, ranging from powder to electric.

Blackwell draws a disproportionate number of employees from the ranks of the Alliance military – veterans, both volunteers and former conscripts. This has led to a certain degree of anti-Browncoat prejudice that surfaces whenever Blackwell operatives encounter those with Independent sympathies.

Notable Blackwell employees include Brentwood Stross and Stig Janeway.

Notable Blackwell clients include Fanty and Mingo, Samara Salisbury, and Major Ivan Matthews.

Blackwell Security

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