Blackrock City

Blackrock CityBlackrock City is a mining boomtown established on the dwarf planet of Dukkha.

Blackrock City hasn’t had time to earn its reputation as a lawless camp, but word does travel fast when there’s a king’s ransom in black diamonds at stake. Thousands of enterprising prospectors, miners, and those who try to make a living off both have arrived on Dukkha and are desperately making a go of it.

The town is a sprawling array of pressurized prefabricated habitation units, many of them daisy-chained together to form larger quarters. Some are little more than shipping containers tricked out as living quarters, while others are a mite more permanent. There’s no plan, no city council to establish zoning regulations – the town is developing organically as hundreds of fortune-seekers put up tents and domes every day.

Two well-oiled machines are at work in Blackrock City. The first is the mining operation that sees men, machinery, and materials transported to and from places like Hell’s Half-Million Acres. The second is the network of bunko artists, cardsharps, con men, hustlers, steerers, and thieves who aim to separate the miners from their minerals.

Given the overall thinness of Dukkha’s atmosphere, most buildings in Blackrock City have their own self-contained life support system, with “mud room” airlocks at the entrances to facilitate the transition between indoors and outdoors. Gas masks are required when traveling outdoors – there’s just not enough Oh-2 in the air to go without. Keeping the population of Blackrock City supplied with their own breathable air is a booming business, with several oxygen mining outfits processing lunar rock, to say nothing of those who just import it by the tankload.

Locations of Note

Blackrock City

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