Attack Bug

Attack bugSantini-Hawke Attack Bug (modified)

Dimesions: 24 X 7 X 10 feet
Tonnage: 10 tons
Speed Class: 3 cruise/ 8 hard-burn (reaction thrusters only)
Crew: Pilot, Gunner
Life Support Capacity: 5 man-days
Fuel Capacity: .25 ton (600 hours)
Cargo and Passenger Capacity: None

Agi – d10 Str – d2 Vit – d6 Ale – d8 Int – d2 Wil – d6

Life Points – 8

Traits – Nimble-Space (Minor), Short Range (minor), Fast Throttle (Major)
Skills – Pilot d4, Perception d2, Mechanical Engineering d2 Complexity: Average
Price – 12,300 credits
Maintenance Costs – 20/year, 1.7 credits/month

Weapon Systems – 2 fixed (forward firing) 10 lb autocannon w/ 100 round magazine, and 1 quad mount 1-lb autocannon w/ 200 round magazine, and up to six short range missiles


The Santini-Hawke attack bug is an inexpensive homebuilt interceptor that first saw use during the Unification War. Its design blueprints have been circulating in the criminal underworld ever since. Private ownership of this craft, or any variation of it, is highly illegal, and the Alliance has maintained a shoot on sight order since the armistice.

Attack Bug

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