Ariel and its moonsAriel is one of the Central Planets orbiting White Sun. With a population of 3,851,955,500 people, Ariel is one of the most populous planets in the system.

The planet has been called a paradise of technology and is typical of the Core Planets, featuring cities with endless blocks of tall, glassed-in highrises, only the finest cuisine (it’s said even the hot dog vendors on Ariel are gourmet), and such tourist attractions as hiking trails and bioluminescent lakes (great for swimming!)

Ariel is well known in the Core for its high quality medical facilities, some of the finest restaurants in the Core, and it is the home of the Great East Corporation.

Ariel is a stop on the popular New Canaan Run. Landing restrictions are a tad tighter on Ariel than on other Central Planets, but those with a legitimate reason for arriving, in particular those seeking medical attention, are rarely turned away.

Ariel has three moons: Ariopolis, Shiva, and Poseidon.

Locations of Note

Ariel City


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