Anson's World

Ansons worldAnson’s World is the sixth world orbiting Red Sun. Its population is 125,000,000.

The planet is named for Straker Anson, the leader of the first colonial expedition after the planet was terraformed in 2290.

The Anson Family maintained a position of leadership on the world that bears their name for several generations, even as the planet’s population boomed as more and more immigrants pushed out from the Central Planets. The family had amassed a resource-based fortune after Straker Anson’s early gambles during settlement, and used their wealth and influence to establish a hereditary dictatorship in all but name. Anson’s World has laws, a judiciary, and free elections, but the Anson clan managed to hold onto political power.

That all changed with the Unification War. In a colossal political misstep, the Ansons threw themselves into the Independent cause. When the war came to Anson’s World, the results were devastating. The Ansons lost valuable territory to the Alliance; territory that was not returned at the close of hostilities. Though the planet’s population by and large supported Independence, the course of the war also damaged the family’s reputation. The final straw was the political disenfranchisement of Independent Faction veterans and civilian leadership. Barred from seeking office or even voting in the first round of post-Unification elections, the Anson family lost its hold on the levers of power to their traditional local rivals, backed by an influx of pro-Alliance carpetbaggers. Many of these new immigrants hail from Sihnon, and have established enclaves in the world’s largest cities, adding a distinctly Chinese flavour to the environment.

The most recent Anson to hold the planetary governorship was Shada Durras, who was in power until the planet surrendered to the Alliance near the close of the Unification War. She suffered through a show trial after the war, but her sentence was commuted. She spends much of her time under house arrest in all but name.

These days, the Alliance keeps a tight lid on the population with Federals on nearly every street corner. The Ansons are counting down the days until the Alliance’s Parliament reverses the disenfranchisement ordinance. Until that day, they organize in secret, plotting their return to respectability and political prominence.

Anson’s World has three moons: Spider, Varley, and Steele.

Locations of Note

Anson's World

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