Alliance Jailbird

  • Name – Jailbird PM142
  • Class – Modified Exeter-class Transport
  • Dimensions – 220×60 x 40
  • Tonnage – 880 tons
  • Speed Class – 3 cruise/5 hard burn
  • Fuel Capacity – 12 tons/600 hours
  • Cargo Capacity – 8 standard 40-foot shipping containers (200 tons)
  • Crew Complement – 2 pilots, 6 security guards
  • Crew Quarters – Bridge doubles as pilot living area, 1 cramped triple bunk for rotating guard shift
  • Passenger Capacity – 320 prisoners crammed 40 to a container on specialized restraining benches
  • Price – 42,240 credits (new)
  • Complexity – High
  • Maintenance Costs* – 235 credits/month

AGI – d6 STR – d4 VIT – d8 ALE – d8 INT – d4 WIL – d10

Traits – Branded, Healthy as a Horse, Cortex Spectre

Skills Covert d6, Perception d4, Pilot d6, Unarmed Combat (decompression controls) d6


  • 8 modified 40 foot cargo containers, equipped with minimal life support and restraining benches.
  • Weapons locker stocked with six stun rifles, 12 rifle batteries, 6 shotguns with 600 rounds of ammunition, and 6 pistols, also with 600 rounds.
  • 2 four-person escape pods
  • One Electromagnetic Fast-Wipe Module, installed in the command pod.


The crew of Shenmue encountered a crashed Jailbird on the surface of Three Hills during the events of Hull Down.

The Exeter-class transport ship is a bare-bones cargo vessel with a standard pulse drive engine pod connected to a command section by an articulated spine, beneath which can be slung standard-sized shipping containers.

The Alliance added extra armor to the command pod and pulse drive sections, and converted several shipping containers into pressurized cells to transport prisoners from the Penal Moon.

The term “Jailbird” can be applied to any starship used to transport prisoners.

Prisoner lore suggests that Alliance Jailbirds have the capacity to dump their payload into space. Whether this is a rumour or a form of psychological warfare on the part of the Alliance is unknown.

Alliance Jailbird

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