Whitlock Taylor

The Boss of Blackrock City.


Some criminals rely on their wits. Some rely on their charm. Some rely on brute force.

Whitlock Taylor relies on all three.

Taylor is a gangster, a con man, and a skull-cracker, and his success in the underworld comes from his knowing which racket to play with.

Over the years, in mining boomtowns from one end of the ‘Verse to the other, Taylor has honed his fleecing operation down to a razor’s edge. When he heard tell of the carbonado rush on Dukkha, he pulled up stakes and moved into town, soon becoming the mayor in all but name.

With no proper city government in place, Taylor’s operation has filled the vacuum.

Taylor’s personal entourage of goons, including Vauxhall and Ditch Dutton, backed by a small army of gun thugs, keep things running in town, with a view to separating the miners from their hard-earned coin. Taylor gets a piece of everything that flows through town.

Any enterprising crook who shows up looking to fleece the townsfolk had best check in with Taylor first. Or they might find themselves gasping out their lives in a dark alley.

Whitlock Taylor

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