Wentworth Evans

Shenmue's Mechanic and de facto First Mate


AGI – d8 ALE – d6 STR – d6 VIT – d10 INT – d6 WIL – d8

Life Points – 22

Initiative d8 + d6


Assets – Two-fisted (major), Tough As Nails (major), Mean Left Hook (minor)

Complications – Twitchy (minor), Deadly Enemy (minor), Filcher (minor), Branded (minor), Things Don’t Go Smooth (major)


Athletics d6/dodge d12/running d12/zero-g d8, Covert d6/demolitions d10, Guns d6/assault rifles d12/pistols d12/shotguns d8, Heavy Weapons d6/ship’s cannons d8/grenade launchers d8, Mechanical Engineering d6/mechanical repairs d12, Perception d6/read lips d10/sight d10, Planetary Vehicles d6/hovercraft d12/military combat vehicles d10, Survival d4, Technical Engineering d6/technical security systems d8/technical repair d10, Unarmed Combat d6/brawling d10


2 pistols (Wham and Bam), 1 assault rifle (Katrina), pistol, Ballistic Mesh Vest, 4 60-round magazines, 200 rounds of ammo for Katrina, cutting torch, set of fuzzy dice, sixty rounds of ammo for Wham and Bam, auto load belt, mechanic’s overalls, box of cigars, three fragmentation grenades, roll of patch tape, multiband.


Wentworth “Worth” Evans was born on the rim planet Beylix in 2488. His family was one of the few who continued an agrarian way of life in the face of Unified Reclamation’s expansion as the planet’s primary landowner.

Evans proved to be anything but just another ‘farm boy.’ During his youth on Beylix he excelled in the more mechanical side of agri-business, fixing and modifying farm equipment in ways its designers never intended. He also became adept at shooting, as there was nothing much else to do when the crops were in. There was no shortage of able teachers as transient ranch hands of all moral stripes wandered through. Pretty soon Evans had a reputation for being good at two things – gears and guns. Sometimes a third ‘g’ was added – girls – but that’s another story.

Opportunities for career growth for kids like Evans were severely limited. The farming communities on Beylix had to contend with UR’s slow encroachment into the planet’s wide-open spaces. Yesterday’s cattle range could become tomorrow’s hazardous waste dump with the exchange of a few credits. Evans and a few of his friends looked for ways to capitalize on the increasing amount of garbage, much of it mechanical refuse, that piled up in large, untended tailings all over the place. For one thing, they started stealing. A lot.

The crew Evans rolled with got hooked up with a shadowy customer off-planet, someone who wanted hardware of all kinds, and wanted it trucked out from under Unified Reclamation’s nose. Evans soon found himself neck deep in an underground scavenging and salvaging ring, one that operated even as Unified Reclamation tightened its security and began licensing scrap dealers instead of letting them just freely pick over Beylix’s bones. Evans would drive mule-loads of usable items to various drop points in the wilderness, dealing with his unnamed benefactor’s agents as they ran UR’s gauntlet of orbital patrols and satellite security nets.

During the Unification War, the orders that came down the pipe were for more specialized components; bits and pieces of military vessels that had been broken up for scrap, that sort of thing. As a Browncoat sympathizer, Evans had no trouble finding ways to support the independent cause while retaining a cloak of neutrality.

In 2510 the ring was broken up by a joint Alliance-Unified Reclamation sting operation in a very public manner, as an example to those who would flout UR’s salvage rights. The planet’s newsnets screamed the name “Wentworth Evans” as the insider who turned on his companions in exchange for immunity. It was all a sham – Evans was the fall guy, set up by a Unified Reclamation mole inserted into the scavenging ring, but he earned a planet-wide negative reputation as the “betrayer of Beylix” before the first news cycle came to a close. It got personal – a few of Evans’ cousins were implicated in the ring, and the tabloid press picked up on him as a homewrecker who would sell out his own family for a pat on the head from the Alliance. He fled Beylix a branded man, and if he happens to be on a ship that sets down on his homeworld, he never leaves the confines of his bunk.

As it turns out, he had even bigger problems. The crime lord who had been his number one customer believed the hype surrounding the breakup of the Beylix Ring, and places the blame for his loss in revenue squarely on Evans’ shoulders. The crime boss has been biding his time, but one of these days he’s going to act. It’s been eight years, but Evans knows the man has a long memory. Evans would like to clear his name but he doesn’t have the first clue about how to go about it.

To call Evans paranoid is being gracious. The man wears several layers of clothing on the off chance that he has to start running and needs to change his appearance on the fly. He tried searing off his fingerprints once, just once though. To top it off, Evans can’t shake a compulsion to filch, living by the motto, “if it ain’t nailed down, it’s mine, and if I can pry it off, it was never nailed down.” This compulsion has gotten him into all kinds of trouble and has added to his paranoia. Evans blames this activity on his upbringing on Beylix, where the cast-off refuse of the system was just sitting around to be picked over. It’s a natural activity, he swears.

Evans is 30 years old, Caucasian, stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and is a meaty 340 pounds. His head is shaved saved for an inch-high Mohawk (hair colour brown). His face is generally unshaven, with an impressive handlebar moustache as its most prominent feature. He has a fancy for Marine Corps hats and hooded sweatshirts. He goes by the nickname “Worth” most of the time.

For the past few months he’s been working as a mechanic on the salvage ship Ironmonger under Captain Oxford Grant. His skills with guns and gears have come in handy, and he’s also the salvage ship’s wheelman, driving one of the two heavy-duty hover mules on planet-side salvage runs. He feels right at home on board Ironmonger who works more often than not outside the realm of the law-abiding. Although he still never goes ashore when the ship lands on Beylix.

Wentworth Evans

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