Shepherd Quentin Blackhorse

A shepherd among wolves.


Agi – d6 Str – d6 Vit – d8 Ale – d6 Int – d6 Wil – d10

  • Life Points – 18
  • Initiative – d6 + d6

Traits: Military Rank (minor), Religiosity (major), Steady Calm (minor)

Skills: Athletics d6/dodge d8, Discipline d6, Craft d6/carpentry d8/bricklaying d8, Influence d6, Guns d6/rifle d12/pistol d8, Knowledge d6/herbal medicine d10/history d8/religion d10/philosophy d8, Linguistics d4, Medical Expertise d6/combat medicine d10/first aid d10/internal medicine d8/pharmaceuticals d8, Perception d6, Survival d4


Quentin Blackhorse was born on Greenleaf, the son of a deep woods tribal medicine man. When the Unification War broke out, he wasted no time in joining the Independent faction as a combat medic, augmenting his holistic healing experience with modern scientific techniques.

Blackhorse became a skilled marksman and his unit participated in actions on Verbena before being recalled to engage the Alliance forces entrenched on his home planet Greenleaf. During the costly Battle of Greenleaf, heavy casualties forced the Independents to retreat, leaving behind a wake of destruction.

Blackhorse and his unit were captured during the harsh winter campaign in New Kasmir and would spend the remaining two years of the war in the infamous Cooperville internment camp, brutalized by Alliance prison guards while at the same time being forced to keep them in good health as wave after wave of sickness swept through.

He did what he could to help his fellow POWs under inhumane conditions and with few supplies. Despite his best efforts, he lost more patients than he could save.

It was when he was at his lowest point that he met the camp’s designated Chaplain. The two forged a strong bond and Blackhorse found refuge in long discussions on philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, theology, and history – anything to take his mind off the horrors around him.

After the war, Blackhorse returned to Greenleaf and entered the St. Thomas Aquinas Abbey. Within a year, he was a Shepherd. Having had his fill of the horrors of war, he beat his swords into ploughshares and vowed to help those in need as a way of placating the ghosts of the dying Independent POWs who he could not save.

After years of moving from planet to planet, mission to mission, he ended up on the moon of Blackwood, a place under the thumb of a petty tyrant, where misery was the order of the day. An old mission stood battered and derelict while indentured workers lived in squalor around it. It was the perfect place for a broken man to try and fix things.

Shepherd Quentin Blackhorse

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