Sam Jenkins

Wearied veteran.


Agi d6 Str d4 Vit d10 Ale d10 Int d10 Wil d6

  • Initiative: d6+d10
  • Life Points: 16

Traits: Athlete (Major), Military Rank (minor), Non-Fightin’ Type (minor), Loyal (minor).

Skills: Athletics d6, Covert d4, Craft d2, Discipline d2, Heavy Weapons d2, Knowledge d2, Mechanical Engineering d6/mechanical repairs d10/create mechanical devices d10/fix mechanical security systems d8, Medical Expertise d2, Melee Weapon Combat d2, Perception d6/search d8, performance d2, Planetary Vehicles d2, Scientific Expertise d4, Survival d4, Technical Engineering d6/create/alter technical devices d8/technical security systems d10/demolitions d8/electronics d8.


Samantha “Sam” Jenkins is a veteran of the Unification War. She fought for the Independent Faction, though she no longer wears brown coats.

Her unit was caught up in the long siege at Du-Khang, and she doesn’t much like to talk about what happened there.

Her combat engineering unit was deployed to Du-Khang early in the Unification War. As a sapper, she was engaged in improving Browncoat fortifications and performing scouting and reconnaissance activities as the troops dug in for a long siege. During one of these scouting operations, the battle lines were redrawn and she found herself fighting for her life.

Her unit was eventually forced to lay down arms. She spent the remainder of the war in a POW detention facility and was mustered out and granted amnesty after the cessation of hostilities. She has put her wartime contacts to good use and works as a contract mechanical engineer. Her current whereabouts is unknown.

Sam Jenkins

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