Philip Wong

Malfeasant Manager.


Agi: d6 Str: d6 Vit: d6 Ale: d8 Int: d10 Wil: d6

  • Life Points: 12
  • Initiative: d6 + d8

Traits: Coward (minor complication), Highly Educated (minor asset), Moneyed Individual (Major Asset), Forked Tongue (minor complication), Overconfident (minor complication)

Skills: Athletics d4, Influence d6/saltworks administration d12/bureaucracy d8/conversation d8/persuasion d10, Knowledge d6/Law d10/salt market d12, Perception d6/deduction d8/investigation d8, Performance d6/oratory d8


Philip Wong is a member of Magistrate Martinez’s administration on Blackwood. He runs the Comadreja Saltworks. He’s also crooked as a barrel of fish hooks. Don’t hold it against him.

Wong supervised the evacuation of the Comadreja Saltworks during the initial SNS outbreak. He’s itching to get back to his salt mine, as some business was left there unfinished. If he can’t break quarantine himself, he’ll find someone who can.

Philip Wong

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