Oh Suzanna

This Madam runs the Girl's Best Friend.


Agi – d8 Str – d6 Vit – d6 Ale – d8 Int – d8 Wil – d10

  • Initiative – d8 + d8
  • Life Points – 16

Traits – Allure (Minor Asset), Friends in Low Places (Minor Asset)

Skills – Artistry d6, Covert d6/streetwise d8/stealth d8, Influence d6/conversation d10/seduction d12/persuasion d10, Guns d6, Knowledge d6/business d8/precious metals market d10, Melee Weapon Combat d6, Perception d6/empathy d10, Performance d6/dance d10/singing d12, Ranged Weapons d4, Unarmed Combat d6/karate d10, Survival d4


Suzanna Oh is a businesswoman first and foremost.

She arrived in Blackrock City with one goal in mind – gather a pile of diamonds so big she could sleep on it. She realized the best way was to harvest the diamonds from the men doing the mining, and the best way to do that was to open a whorehouse.

Oh Suzanna

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