Norman Sellers

A vintner from Greenleaf.


Agi – d6 Str – d6 Vit – d6 Ale – d8 Int – d10 Wil – d6

  • Initiative – d6 + d8
  • Life Points – 12

Traits – Friends in Low Places (minor asset), Heavy Tolerance (minor asset), Hooked – Alcohol (major complication), Highly Educated (minor asset), Weak Stomach (minor complication)

Skills – Craft d6/winemaking d12, Covert d6/Streetwise d10, Guns d4, Influence d6/administration d10/barter d10, Knowledge d6/viticulture d12, Medical Expertise d6/Pharmaceuticals d12/Toxicology d8, Perception d4, Scientific Expertise d6/Chemistry d10


Norman Sellers is the owner of Sellars Vineyard on Greenleaf.

Sellers is a thin little man, dressed in a light-colored suit that probably helps with the heat of the day, but shows off wine stains near his collar. He sports a handlebar mustache, which he maintains lovingly, greasing it into symmetrical curls, and he wears a pair of small round glasses that perch on the end of his nose, as much for fashion as for anything else.

Norman Sellers

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