Major Ivan Matthews

Audie Murphy meets William Calley.


Agi – d8, Str – d10, Vit – d8, Ale – d6, Int – d6, Wil – d6

Life Points: 14

Initiative: d8 + d6

Traits: Military Rank (Minor Asset), Straight Shooter (Minor Complication), Overconfident (Minor Complication), Good Name (major), Memorable (minor), Branded (minor)

Skills: Athletics d6, Discipline d6/Interrogation d8, Guns d6/Pistol d8/Assault Rifle d8, Knowledge d6/Military Tactics d8, Perception d6, Planetary Vehicles d6/military ground vehicles d12


Decorated for his heroic actions during the Siege of Du Khang, Colonel Matthews is a controversial figure. A Lieutenant during the Unification War, Matthews was a tank platoon commander whose unit assaulted a Buddhist temple occupied by Independent Faction infantry during the siege, routing the 57th Overlanders and ultimately forcing a general evacuation offworld.

The fate of many wounded Browncoat prisoners left in the temple during the assault, which included rollers and seeker drones has clouded his reputation, but only among those with independent sympathies.

Matthews translated his military reputation into a successful cortex career. He and Samara Salisbury are currently dating.

Major Ivan Matthews

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