Kingston Davies

A Beaumonde-based gangster.


Agi – d6 Str – d8 Vit – d6 Ale – d10 Int – d8 Wil – d8

  • Life Points – 14
  • Initiative d6 + d10

Traits – Friends in Low Places (minor), Greedy (minor), Loyal (to his brother Hinton)

Skills – Athletics d6/dodge d10, Covert d6/streetwise d12, Influence d6/negotiation d8/intimidation d10/leadership d10, Guns d6/pistols d8, Knowledge d6/business d10, Perception d6/black market trends d10

Gear – Pistol (d6W/100/3/8)


Kingston Davies was a gangster on Beaumonde who ran a pachinko parlour called the Mach Go-Go-Go. Among other things, the parlour was a money laundering operation as well as a conduit for illegal stimulants.

Kingston’s operation extended to the nearby planet Ghost, where his brother Hinton acted as his proxy.

He was shot and killed in the back office of his pachinko parlour. The murder remains unsolved.

Kingston Davies

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