Jonah Rothsay

A Space Gypsy Thief/Deckhand


AGI – d10 ALE – d10 INT – d8 STR – d6 VIT – d6 WIL – d6

Life Points – 12

Initiative – d10 + d10


Assets – Cortex Spectre (minor), Nose for Trouble (major), Friends in Low Places (minor)

Complications – Second Class Citizen (major), Greedy (minor), Hooked (minor), Overconfident (minor), Chip on the Shoulder (minor)

Skills – Athletics d6/dodge d8, Covert d6/disable devices d10/disguise d8/forgery d10/open locks d10/stealth d12, Guns d6/pistols d10/shotguns d8, Influence d6/bluff d10/streetwise d10, Linguist d6, Logistics d6, Mechanical Engineering d2, Melee Weapon Combat d6, Perception d6/empathy d10/hearing d8, Pilot d6, Planetary Vehicles d6/large ground transports d8, Survival d4, Unarmed Combat d6


Nobody remembers where Jonah Rothsay was born.

His grandparents were part of an army of engineers, miners, farmers and carpenters who invested their lifesavings in colonization rights to Shenzhou, a planet in the Mid Rim. Shenzhou, however, didn’t take to terraforming very well and what the colonists found when they reached their new home was a cold planet with a poisonous atmosphere.

With no choice but to turn back the colony force found itself homeless and destitute. Many of the colonists eventually re-integrated themselves into society, finding new homes and jobs, but for some, all of their money was tied up in a poisonous planet and so with nothing left to start over with they wandered the verse, staying on a planet for a few months until they’d overstayed their welcome (like every community they had their miscreants who reinforced the bad reputations that followed the caravans around) and then packing their belongings onto what remained of the disintegrating colony fleet and moving on.

Life in the caravan was hard, their poverty and lack of any official status (the government didn’t have anything close to proper records of them) meant that they enjoyed little social support or police protection. Crime ran rampant and the children growing up in the caravan grew up quickly, each generation growing successively more and more hardened to the conditions surrounding them.

Unwilling to accept his lot in life Jonah left the caravan at age 18 to strike it out on his own, unlike most people his age Jonah was prepared for the hardships that await a young person in the real world. Unfortunately for Jonah he quickly found out that if he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life as a laborer he would have to earn his living the only way he knew how and so his career as a thief began.

Jonah Rothsay

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