Inspector Rifkin

Before you shake hands with him, watch out for his greasy palms


Agi- d8, Str – d6, Vit – d6, Ale – d10, Int – d8, Wil – d10

Life Points – 16

Initiative – d8 + d10

Traits: Military Rank (Minor/Officer), Nose for Trouble (Minor), Greedy (minor), Prejudice (Criminals)

Skills: Athletics d6, Covert d6/Streetwise d8, Discipline d6/Intimidation d8, Guns d6/Pistol d8, Influence d6/Administration d8/Bureaucracy d8/Interrogation d8/Leadership d8, Knowledge d6/Customs Regulations & Procedure d8/ Alliance Law d8, Perception d6/Empathy d8/Intuition d8/Sight d8, Unarmed Combat d6.


Smooth and smarmy, with a tendency to sweat, Inspector Rifkin is a customs inspector stationed in Newhouse on Beylix.

Since Unified Reclamation is more concerned with what is exported from Beylix than what is imported to it, Inspector Rifkin concentrates on wringing out whatever “inconvenience compensation fees” he can get from spacers arriving planetside.

The members of his Boarding Inspection Team tend to share in his good fortune.

Inspector Rifkin

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