Hod Brackenridge


Hod Brackenridge has seen a few things.

He fought for Independence, surviving engagement after engagement for no particular reason he could reckon. Ending up on the losing side of the war, he buried his brown coat and put his past behind him.

He’s been on the drift ever since, working one backbreaking job and then another for little more than food and shelter.

He’s worked terraforming stations, the open range, and a slew of short-stinted factory jobs, but he found that working underground—mining—suits his temperament perfectly.

Over the years he’s seen humanity at its very worst, and occasionally at its very best. His haunted gaze stares back to industrial accidents, highway robberies, and desperate fights for survival.

He landed on Dukkha recently and has carved out a small claim that shows promise. He’s a fine judge of character, which means that given his surroundings he sleeps with a knife under his pillow with his back to the wall.

He knows folks like Whitlock Taylor have never worked an honest day in their lives, and he’s bound and determined not to be taken for what’s rightfully his.

If he can help others avoid that fate, then so be it. But he’s not going to stick his neck out just to have it cut. Not after what he’s seen.

Hod Brackenridge

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