Hatch Hodges

He runs the crookedest faro tables this side of Santo, but it's the only game in town.


Agi – d8 Str – d6 Vit – d6 Ale – d10 Int – d8 Wil – d8

  • Initiative – d8 + d10
  • Life Points – 14

Traits – Blue Blood [minor asset], Allure [minor asset], Greedy [minor complication], Moneyed Individual [major asset], Memorable [minor complication], Trustworthy Gut [minor complication]

Skills – Athletics d6/dodge d10, Covert d6/sleight of hand d10/streetwise d10, Guns d6/pistols d8, Influence d6/barter d8/conversation d8/seduction d10, Knowledge d6, Perception d6/gambling d12/intuition d8, Survival d6


Hatch Hodges calls himself a “situational entrepreneur”, which is one way of saying he knows when to answer when opportunity knocks. Hodges is a card sharp who has won and lost fortunes inside some of the ’Verse’s most well known casinos, but he has also dabbled in hovertrain investing, land speculating, and many other get-rich-quick schemes. His successes have been considerable, but his failures are more interesting to hear about.

When he heard about the carbonado strike on Dukkha, he grabbed his trusty deck of cards, a gas mask, and a one-way ticket to the Blackrock City mining camp. There he began separating miners from their valuable rocks, one winning hand at a time.

Hodges landed himself a gig as a house dealer in the casino inside the Girl’s Best Friend. He brings a certain degree of class to the establishment.

Hatch Hodges

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