Dressed to kill.


Agi – d12 Str – d6 Vit – d8 Ale – d8 Int – d8 Wil – d8

  • Life Points – 16
  • Initiative – d12 + d10

Traits: Blue Blood (major asset), Fightin’ Type (major asset), Friends in High Places (minor asset), Mean Left Hook (minor asset), Chip on the Shoulder (minor complication)

Skills: Athletics d6/dodge d10/running d10, Covert d6/stealth d10/infiltration d10/surveillance d8/streetwise d8, Craft d6, Discipline d6/concentration d8, Guns d6/pistol d12+d2/sniper rifle d12, Influence d6/old boy network d8, Knowledge d6/high society d10, Melee Weapon Combat d6/knives d10/swords d10, Perception d6/tracking d10, Performance d6/dance d10, Unarmed combat d6/kung fu d10


Grogan makes his living as a professional second, standing in for weak-kneed Core World aristocrats who find themselves facing pistols at dawn or swordplay at Kaytree Pond after one too many glasses of shimmer wine. More often than not, however, his involvement is part of some behind-the-curtain court intrigue that usually ends with one less chess piece on the board – metaphorically speaking.

That’s his day job.

When he’s not stabbing aristocrats for fun and profit, he’s acting as a triggerman and retrieval specialist for a Core World crime syndicate masquerading as a legitimate business. He walks into a nightclub and doesn’t pay for his drinks. He beds high-ranking women, single or otherwise attached. Nobody’s going to call him on it. Nobody can afford to.

He keeps his collars starched and his pistols loaded.


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