Frankie Two-Fangs

A small-time gangster with a big poker chip on his shoulder.


Agi d10 Str d10 Vit d8 Ale d6 Int d10 Wil d8

  • Initiative: d10 + d6
  • Life Points: 16

Traits Leadership (minor), Friends in High Places (minor), Friends in Low Paces (minor) Branded (minor), Greedy (minor), Filcher (minor)

Skills Athletics d6/dodge 10, Covert d6/streetwise d12, Guns d6/pistols d10, Influence d6/Negotiation d8/intimidation d10, Knowledge d6, Perception d6/black-market trends d10, Unarmed Combat d6


Frankie Two-Fangs is the sad little king of a sad little hill. He’s the big boss man in Last Call, which isn’t saying much, considering the strength of the other key players around, including the Santo Gaming Commission and Hazzard Heavy Industries.

Two-Fangs has worked hard to ingratiate himself to these two organizations. He knows that New Luxor is where Santo drops its garbage, and does his best to make sure he doesn’t get taken out with the trash.

Frankie Two-Fangs

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