Filo Sakarya

A big king in a little kingdom. Unlikely to be found drinking from a "World's Greatest Boss" coffee mug.


AGI – d8 STR – d8 VIT – d8 ALE – d8 INT – d10 WIL – d8

  • Life Points – 18
  • Initiative – d8 + d8

Traits – Tough as Nails (minor), Dark Secret (minor), Branded (minor), Cold as the Black (minor)

Skills – Athletics d6, Covert d4, Discipline d6/mental resistance d10, Guns d6/pistol d10/assault rifle d8, Influence d6/administration d10/intimidation d10/leadership d12/politics d8, Knowledge d6/law d10/Industrial metals market trends d8/military history d10, Perception d6/tactics d12


Malcolm Reynolds was not the only Browncoat to have his illusions and faith shattered one fateful day in Serenity Valley on Hera. Lieutenant Colonel Filo Bursa was in the room when Independent Command gave the order to lay down arms in the face of Alliance air superiority.

Bursa, a professional soldier, had devoted himself to the cause of Independence and had taken on the difficult task of integrating small, unauthorized guerrilla groups and militias into the Independents’ armed forces. It was hard work, like herding cats, and a few groups who wouldn’t play ball found themselves “suppressed” on the Colonel’s order. Bursa had an eye for recruiting top talent from those motley crews who cooperated, helping fill out the ranks of NCOs that provided that crucial connection between enlisted men and the officers who ordered them over the top.

The war dragged on, and in the end, Bursa lost everything.

Like many veterans of Serenity Valley, the pull of that chunk of Hera’s landscape proved too great to ever truly leave. So he didn’t. Instead, he went into business.

Armed with a new surname and a new, cold outlook on life, Sakarya carved out an empire on Hera’s southern subcontinent, exploiting the planet’s bauxite resources. The mines he opened were soon staffed by indentured labourers, and the working conditions there, and on the farms he took over later, were not exactly pretty. Sakarya certainly didn’t care, he just needed to fill that hole inside him with something.

Money and other people’s misery would do for a start.

Sakarya is tall, bony, pale, rail-thin with a set of wide shoulders, giving him a sort of scarecrow-like appearance. His nose has been broken at least once, and he has a long, white scar running from his right ear to just below his chin.

Filo Sakarya

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