Errol Carter

A Three Hills Cattle Baron


AGI – d6 STR – d8 VIT – d8 ALE – d6 WIL – d10 INT – d8

Life Points: 16

Initiative: d6+d6

Traits – Leadership, Portly (major), Hooked

Skills – Animal Handling d6/Riding d10/Veterinary d8, Guns d4, Influence d6/Negotiation d10, Knowledge d6/Ranching d10, Perception d6, Planetary vehicles d6


Owner and operator of the EC Corral, Carter prides himself on being the only legitimate businessman in the town of Evans City on Three Hills. He accepts regular supply shipments via cargo skiff from the nearest major population centre, Keyman’s Drift.

He’s perennially bitter however about the fact that his success has not translated into any sort of political clout in town – McKittrick, his landlord and silent partner, is the one who really runs the show.

Carter’s substantial girth and his habit of chewing on a plug of tobacco give him a bovine appearance befitting his status as a would-be cattle baron. One concession to his influence in town is that every building, including the church, is equipped with spittoons.

Errol Carter

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