Terraformer, and foreman on The Boiler.


AGI – d6 STR – d8 VIT – d8 ALE – d6 INT – d8 WIL – d8

  • Initiative – d6 + d6
  • Life Points – 16

Traits – Dead Broke (minor), Hooked – Alcohol (minor), Nature Lover (minor)

Skills – Guns d4, Covert d4, Influence d6/barter d8, leadership d8, Mechanical Engineering d6/mechanical repairs d8, Perception d4, Scientific Expertise d6/terraforming d10, Survival d6/outdoor life d8/underground d8, unarmed combat d6/brawling d8

Gear – Pressure suit, wrench


Ellen Riggs is the foreman (or forewoman, if you prefer) of a crew assigned to The Boiler, an underground terraforming station on Seventh Circle.

Riggs came by her indenture honestly – she picked a fight with local security after she was thrown out of a bar in the company town of Yuva on Hera. Her particular skillset – engineering – saved her from a long stretch in the bauxite mines or plantations surrounding Yuva when recruiters from the Terraforming Consortium convinced her contract holder to transfer her indenture to them.

After several years of dangerous work terraforming blackrocks, she’s not sure if the Consortium did her a favour or not.

Riggs is grateful for one thing – her long stretch of isolation has all but cured her alcoholism.


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