Claude Carswell, Chief Steward

The only thing tighter than the ship he runs is his cummerbund.


Agi – d6, Str – d6, Vit – d6, Ale – d8, Int – d8, Wil – d6

Life Points: 12 Initiative: d6 + d8.

Traits: Trustworthy Gut (Minor Asset), Nose for Trouble, Loyal (to the Trans-Beaumonde Lev Line), Prejudiced (towards the lower classes)

Skills: Covert d6/search d8, Influence d6/Negotiation d8, Knowledge d6/Ocean Limited d12, Perception d6/hospitality d12

Gear: Datapad (passenger manifest), multiband, keycard pass


Carswell is a fanatical devotee of the Trans-Beaumonde Lev Line and wishes to give his guests the service of a lifetime – provided they measure up to his impossibly high standards. Unfortunately, they seldom do.

Carswell is overweight with a dark complexion. The barest hint of a sheen of sweat coats his skin, as though he just stepped out from a sauna to conduct business. He wears an immaculate white suit with a blood-red cummerbund and matching Fez.

He’s a relentless taskmaster who thinks he’s surrounded by idiots. Though he himself hails from humble beginnings, Carswell looks down on the middle and lower classes with a vengeance. He affects an overwrought upper-crust accent that is part Logan 5 and part Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Nobody is willing to risk his wrath by telling him how ridiculous he sounds.

Claude Carswell, Chief Steward

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